Gene expression and proteomics analysis from a NZB X SM F2 cross


A previous QTL analysis of an NZB X SM F2 cross revelated QTL for multiple complex traits (see Stylianou et al., 2006). Here, candidate genes were explored for 9 of these QTL using information from gene expression (3x replication for NZB and SM strains performed on Affymetrix Mouse 430 v. 2 arrays), mass spectrometry (2x replication for NZB and SM strains using MALDI-TOF/TOF technology) and SNPs (138,000 SNPS from the Broad Institute database) from the inbred strains. Detailed protocols and results relating to this publication see Stylianou et al., 2008.


Protein data
Microarray data


Stylianou IM, Affourtit JP, Shockley KR, Wilpan RY, Abdi FA, Bhardwaj S, Rollins J, Churchill GA, Paigen B
Genetics. 2008 Mar;178(3):1795-805 [ Full Text ] PMCID: PMC2278051


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